Wreath Christmas Card

Hello, dear friends!
It’s JaMajka Marta Turska – Grochocka here.
Today I would like to show you, how to make a christmas card
using some Lindy’s Stamp Gang products.
I used:
– sprays: Cathedral Pines Green, Frozen Jack Frost, Down the Rabbit Hole;
– embossing powders: Midnight Emerald, Cafe au Lait.
You can buy them separately or all set in our shop!
Here is a photo tutorial!
Step 1: I prepared some white cardstock and my Lindy’s Stamp Gang products,
and, the most important – the round element made of thick craft cardboard,
which comes from the roll of adhesive tape.
Step 2: I used Cathedral Pines Green spray with the white cardboard.
Step 3: I used paper die cutting leaves shapes.
Step 4: I covered leaves edges with embossing ink
and Midnight Emerald embossing powder.
I left some leaves uncovered with embossing powder, just sprayed and dried.
Step 5: It should look like this.
Step 6: I used modeling tool to bend leaves.
They look better, when they are not flat.
Step 7: Using hot glue gun I’ve glued leaves to the round cardboard element.
It’s the most important element of the construction.
Step 8: I’ve glued some winter berries and a bow to the wreath.
Step 9: I’ve added some sequins.
Step 10: I prepared some layers of my card
– white cardboard and some music-paper.
Step 11: I’ve colored white cardboard
Later I will cover edges with Cafe au Lait embossing powder.
Step 12: I’ve glued paper layers using 3D adhesive foam.
Step 13: I’ve glued paper wreath to paper – and voila!
It’s very simple and creative way to make a christmas card!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial 🙂
Thank You for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Wreath Christmas Card

  1. Just beautiful. And, I appreciate that in your tutorial, you used a red pen to detail in the photos what you were referencing. Thank you for that. It helps a lot.

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