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Hello Lindy’s Lovers!! With pleasure, I bring to you new inspiration for the new year. Today I wanted to show how you can use a variety of hues from the same color palette. Lindys has their products grouped by color, so you can see what is available in a specific color. I chose to use 3 colors from the Sprays By Color section. I chose PINK!! Of course what are beautiful flowers without a touch of green. I prepared everything by giving it a light dry brushed coat of gesso. Paper flowers, leaves (sprayed with Aloha before adhering them) ) chipboard etc. Once everything was adhered to my background. I just sprayed away!!

I did not saturate the flowers with color, I just gave them a light coat of spray them touched the middles with the darker pink.

When the layout was complete, I gave it a once over with Frost Bitten Fuscia and the mica part of the spray settled in the grooves of the textured background.

I clustered my flowers leaves and butterflies around the frames which I left white to emphasize the pinks in the layout.


I used embossing powder on the chipboard. I love that the embossing powder is 2 toned. It gives your pieces a gorgeous dimension.



Here is a closeup of the flowers. You can see some of the gesso in parts as I wanted a white washed look.

Thank you for joining me this week. All of the colors I used are listed below. I randomly used each pink around the layout, I hope you give your next project a try using colors from a specific group for a monochromatic look. Then add an accent color as I did by using the green. Until next time, Color your world with Lindys Stamp Gang.


Frost Bitten Fuscia Starburst Spray
Sunset Pink Glitz Spray


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