Altered Canvas

Hello!  It’s Marta Turska – Grochocka here 🙂

Today I would like to show you the canvas I prepared using
amazing Lindy’s Stamp Gang Color Challenge colors!


This mixed media canvas was prepared earlier by applying some gesso
and the layer of crackle texture paste before.
It stayed overnight to dry completely.
On my video below the process starts here.

The products I used are: 
– Treasure Island Aqua spray;
I used Magical powder Bodacious blush on a wet surface 
and then I sprayed it with water, 
now I have some blurred layer of color 
with some colorful stains on it. 

Look, how pigment get under the layer of texture crackle paste!
On my project I sprinkled dry powder with a dry brush
on the surface sprayed with water. It created an interesting layer of color.
You can watch this creative process on video tutorial I prepared for you.
And again, I added some instructions, what and when I used
to get the result you can see on my canvas.
Here are some close-ups to show you more details of my project:

I hope you enjoyed the video and you liked my project!

Thank you for stopping by!
Have a lovely day!

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