Watercolor Cards

Hi there,

Some of you might remember the watercolor cards I created a few months ago…

 I absolutely LOVE working with watercolor papers and Lindy’s Sprays and here in
Adelaide I have been teaching them at the store where I work.

A couple of days ago, as I was teaching, I created this set of card fronts ready to be
trimmed and made into cards.

 What do you think?

They are super easy … here are a couple of things to remember…

  • Use good quality watercolor paper
  • Use Lindys Black embossing powder on your stamped image
  • Water is your friend … it will help the color move around on the paper
  • Dip your brush straight into the bottle of Spray
  • Use a brush that will hold a lot of color
  • Allow it to dry and then intensify the color by adding more spray
  • Trim and adhere to some cardstock

 Just as I was adding the final layers to the Ballerina Card, I had a friend film the final process on my phone!

 Thanks for stopping by.


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