Mixed Media Guitar Card using Embossing Powder

Hello Lindy’s Stamp Gang fans! It’s Djamila Khiter here today and I’d like to show you an unusual way to use Lindy’s Embossing Powders to create this card perfect for music lovers!


I used double-sided tape and double sided stickers to create the front of the card.  I applied the stickers to the card front and then coated them with embossing powder – heat to set and you get amazing designs right on your card.  I used: Hyacinth blue JadeCafé au laitMidnight BronzeMidnight Pewter, Lapis Lazuli Blue Gold, Queen Sheba’s Silver to emboss the double sided tapes and stickers.


I added some cheesecloth and a paper doily to the background for texture and glue onto card. I then painted a chipboard guitar with Magicals and glued this on top of the cheesecloth.


Add some paper flowers and other interesting embellishments and then spray and flick on Lindy’s Fabio and Starburst Sprays for color.  I used: Carribean blueDanny Zuko’s DenimSandra Dee SepiaOpal Sea Oats and Cajun Carnelian Red.


I love this beautiful effect, created with the sprays, love it!!


I have filmed a video showing you how I made these, you can watch it below or on the Lindy’s Stamp Gang YouTube Channel.


  • Try using embossing powder with double-sided stickers for a very cool result!

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  • SnipArt Chipboards, gesso, paper flowers, cheesecloth, pearls, micro-beads, sequins

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