Vibrant Flat Fabios Sprays for a Colorful Journal Page

Hi Gang, it’s Solange Marques here and today I’m highlighting a product for Lindy’s Stamp Gang: Flat Fabios Sprays.

Flat Fabios sprays are perfect when you want a vibrant color without shimmer, just ink. They can be mixed with others mediums to get different textures with vibrant colors.

I’ve used Flat Fabios Sprays to create the colourful journal page below.


This is how I’ve created my art journal page.

I’ve used Caribbean BlueHibiscus RoseLuscious LimeMango ManiaPineapple Paradise and started by mixing the colours with modeling paste and resin sand.  Then I applied these textures on the butterflies stencil to create the background for my page.


To make custom embellishments, I spritzed Flat Fabios Spray in the same colors onto white cardstock. After this dried, I created butterflies by using modeling paste and a butterfly stencil.


Once dry I cut out the butterflies.


I then added the butterflies, stamps, and stickers on the textured art journal page.


I have filmed a video to showing how you can make this, you can watch it below or on the Lindy’s YouTube Channel.

Lindy’s Products

Other Products:

  • Modeling Paste, Resin Sand, G45 stickers, IndigoBlu stamp.


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