Welcome to Our Studios

Hi Gang – we thought it would be fun to give you a peek inside the spaces of our amazing Design Team members.  So sit back, grab a tea of coffee and welcome to our studios.

Caroline has a fabulous room with a wall of pegboard storage and her Lindy’s sorted on floating shelves.


has an ceated a video tour of her craft studio for you – watch out you’re about to be transported to an amazing crafting space.


Di has repainted her studio and given it a complete spring clean – it looks terrific!


you can see the complete walkthrough in the clip below.

Elena has a fabulously tidy desk with amazing natural light and her favourite supplies close at hand.



Kerry has a craft studio/work space where she creates art and makes her own line of chipboard embellishments.





Mary has her room set up to record amazing videos – surrounded by her supplies.


has a room full to the brim of amazing supplies, watch as she walks you through her space!

Sanderijn loves neat and tidy, everything has a place in her fantastic studio!


has a storage walls and light pouring in worthy of drooling over!



Tina has a stunning black and white studio accented with fairy lights.

Yulianna has a crafters heaven with floor to ceiling storage and everything organised in baskets!



Hoping you’ve enjoyed this peek into the craft spaces of our Design Team.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Studios

  1. Wow! So cool to have an inside view into the world of the Designers. I got a lot of cool Craft room organizational ideas. Thanks for letting us in to your creative worlds.

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