Mixed Media Tag by Sanderijn de Bruin

Hi Everybody, it’s Sanderijn here today, to share a mixed media tag made with gorgeous Starburst Sprays in dark and magical colors.


I started with using two pieces of paper for the tag, on the first I used a honeycomb stencil and added modelling paste, and when this was dry, I sewed the second paper on the back of the first. This way the tag has more body and can ‘handle’ the sprays better.


Second step: Add the Starburst sprays Screamin’ Banshee Black and Frozen Jack Frost.

Use a brush and dip the brush into the jars of sprays, and paint the edges with Afternoon Delight Denim and Dark Chocolate Truffle.  Spray another layer of Screamin’ Banshee Black or Frozen Jack Frost if desired.


To make the flower: use black gesso to paint it first, than spray Afternoon Delight Denim and Screamin’ Banshee Black on it. When the flower is dry, use white gesso to paint the edges a little bit.


Add lace, flowers, flair and other embellishments. Pour on some glitter, to finish with some sparkle!


I have made a video for you of the whole process – you can see it at the end of this post.


How to Make Black Flower

First paint the flower with black gesso


Than spray a layer of Afternoon Delight Denim and a layer of Screamin’ Banshee Black


Just look at the amazing shimmer!


If desired, you can paint the edges with white gesso to give the flower more contrast.

You can watch this being created below, or over on the Lindy’s YouTube channel.


Lindy’s Products:

Starburst Sprays:

Other products:

  • lace and ribbon
  • stencil
  • modelling paste
  • glitter
  • flair
  • flowers


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