Make Your Own Mixed Media Flowers with Aga

Hi Lindy’s fans – Aga here today and I want to welcome you with my media flower tutorial.

To start I cut the flowers out of watercolor paper using a punching die. Then I painted the flowers with Starburst Sprays using a paintbrush.  Yes these gorgeous handmade flower embellishments really are that simple, the secret is the beautiful Lindy’s colors!


When the watercolor paper dried, I added black inked stamps for extra interest and pattern.

I chose a big letter stamp to be able to use embossing ink in order to put some powder.

After heating up the powder I used drawing ink and a calligraphy nib to decorate the flowers.

You can always make it easier and leave off the drawing ink or heat embossed images.


How do you like the flowers?


Here are a few close-ups



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Thank you for watching and I hope you will use my idea and will be happy about the new skills you learn.


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