Using Magical Shakers with Fabric


Hello friends! I’ve prepared for you a very special blog post, where I would like to show you, how Magical Shakers look like on a few different fabrics and what is the best way to apply them.


I used: fabric plaster, cotton tape, guipure flowers and cotton lace. The plaster was covered with gesso, other fabric’s pieces were clear and uncovered.


I used three colors of Magical Shakers: Bavarian BlueBlack Forest Black and Guten Tag Teal.


The basic technique for creating beautiful colored fabric is:

  • Spritz fabric with water
  • Mix Magical powder with water to create a paint
  • Apply Magical paint to the edge of fabric and spritz with water to make the color bleed and wick
  • Dry with a heat gun
  • Add a second color using the same method if you like


Here you can take a closer cool at the colored elements, you can see how color spreads on fabric’s details and shapes.


I love the way the shakers act on fabric, they create amazing ombre effect!


I filmed a video tutorial for you too!

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  • Fabric plaster, cotton tape, guipure flowers and cotton lace.


I hope you liked my art journal spread using fabric, I hope you can find an inspiration on my pages!

Thank You for stopping by!


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