Make a Mixed Media Butterfly Step-by-Step

Today on the blog I am going to make a mixed media butterfly using stamps, embossing powders and Magical powders from Lindy’s.  These are perfect embellishments for cards, pages and any mixed media project.

Start by stamping your butterfly using embossing ink. Then you can sprinkle it with embossing powder, I used Purely White from Lindy’s.

Next, I suggest spritzing the image with water, which will help when coloring.  Add a little Magical powder at a time and move with a paint brush until you are happy with your image and the colors.

Now you can see the beautiful a rainbow effect we get from the Magicals. When the butterfly dries, add a few of your favorite stamps.  Color and ink depends on you – let yourself be creative…   I added Blue Hawaiian blue, Cotton Candy Pink and Plumeria Pink.

To finish off your butterfly, add a little glitter.  I mixed gel, water and glitter and then splashed the mixture onto the butterfly. Now you have a ready made product to decorate your craft work.


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