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Today I have something special for you – I’ve tested a few pastes and gels to find out what is the best way to create your own resist canvas and what gives the best results when adding color with Lindy’s Magicals! Resist canvas is a piece of fabric, you can color it with mists or magical shakers. There is a pattern on it, which stays white and it’s water and color-proof.

A resist canvas is a piece of fabric that you can color with mists or magical shakers. There is a pattern on it, which stays white and it’s water and color-proof.


First of all – prepare a piece of blank white canvas. I’ve cut it into pieces. I’ve applied a different medium on each piece: light paste, 3D gloss gel, soft gloss gel and soft matte gel.   Half of each piece was covered with white embossing powder Purely White.


I wanted to check, which way is the best to achieve the perfect homemade resist canvas.


After my mediums dried and after I heated each piece to melt the powder, I’ve used Magical Shakers to add color. I sprayed water onto a glass board and then colored each piece.



And these are my results.

  • Soft matte gel created the thickest layer without embossing powder. It was the most water and color-proof. I liked the effect with the embossing powder too.
  • 3D gloss gel created a beautiful thick layer of gel with embossing powder, but the layer of gel with no embossing powder was a bit pinkish.
  • Soft gloss gel created a thinner layer, but edges of the pattern was a bit blurry and unsharp.
  • Light paste created a thick layer, but a bit pinkish too (without embossing powder).


My choice is soft matte gel – it’s the most water and color-proof. The Light paste was ok too. Each medium was good enough to create resist canvas effect, the best way, was to cover each layer with white embossing powder from Lindy’s.


I colored pieces to create romantic cards.


The background was colored with Magical Shaker Oom Pah Pah Pink applied to a piece of wet cardboard.



As you can see, resist canvas is a great way to decorate your project and add a bit of color and interesting pattern in the background.





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  1. Hi. I’ve been seeing a lot of mixed media altered embroidery hoops on Pinterest lately and I was wondering, would this work on fabric, so that I could add my own textured design to the fabric, paint it or whatever and the design would stay white?

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