Spray n ‘Baby’ Wipe… Lindy’s style!

Hello!! I am so excited to share with you a technique I stumbled upon whilst playing with my awesome Lindy’s sprays. I was going to call it ‘Spray n Wipe’, but that sounded too much like cleaning, (blech) so, the ‘Spray N ‘Baby’ Wipe’ technique was born! LOL!!!

To start, grab a baby wipe and add a few sprays of your chosen colors, for this example, I have used Peony Scarlet Red and Yellow Rose of Texas – be fairly light-handed, we don’t want to over-saturate the baby-wipe.


Place the baby-wipe on top of the cardstock and then press your stamp on top of the baby wipe.


This technique works fabulously for background and texture stamping!


You can even use text stamps.


*sigh* Love it!!


You can use a large background stamp to get a variegated look as the colors seamlessly blend on the baby-wipe.


You can also use this technique with stencils, for this example I have used Caribbean Blue and Urban Amethyst sprays. Lay the baby-wipe on top of your page, place the stencil on top of the baby-wipe and roll over it with a brayer.


This will give you the negative image from the stencil, so basically if you look at the stencil, the ‘holes’ in the stencils will be ‘holes’ on your page.


Of course, you can mix both stamping and stenciling to create an awesome ‘collage’ background!



You can find a link below to the technique video.


Lindy’s Products:


I hope this has inspired you to play.  Thanks for dropping by and have a Magical day x

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