Beach Theme Mixed Media Canvas by Sanderijn

Hi sweet followers,

With a sad feeling, I present you my last project as a DT member for Lindy’s Stamp Gang. With pride I have been a DT member, and I wanted my last project to really be a special one, and I have taken the time to finish it to perfection…

I created a mixed media canvas, with lots of layers gesso, inks, mixed media embellishments and I tried to capture sealife in it..

I’ve added a little note for everybody: find your happy.  That’s really the most important thing in life…

I used many nautical themed embellishments, a bubble stencil, and clear art stones, to make it look like water bubbles…

When I had finished the background and glued all embellishments onto it, I covered everything with clear gesso.

When dry, I started spraying Starburst Tiffany Lou Blue, Yellow Rose of Texas and California Poppy Gold on the whole canvas, drying with a heat tool. It gives a magical effect in the textured layers.

And here is a little step by step so you can create a similar textured background…

Step 1: Prime your canvas with white gesso

Step 2: Add stencil pattern with white gesso

Step 3: Add fishnet with 3d matte gel

Step 4: Paint fishnet with white gesso and add your embellishments with 3d gel

Step 5: When everything is dry, cover the whole canvas with clear gesso

Step 6: Add color to your canvas by adding Starburst sprays Tiffany Lou Blue, Yellow Rose of Texas and California Poppy Gold.

And here is a full video tutorial for you, if you want to see all the steps in action…

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  • White gesso, clear gesso, 3d matte gel, fishnet, shells, chipboard pieces, metal embellishments, flowers, art stones, rhinestones, clear art stones.

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