Water and Embossing Powder Background Technique with Kerry Fellowes

Hello! Its Kerry with you today.  Time to bust out the embossing powders and create some unique backgrounds for your next mixed media project.  You will also need some ‘mark making’ tools, like the inside plastic piece from a roll of tape or a lid from a bottle, you could use an old gift card or anything that can be dipped in water and ‘stamped’ onto your card.


To start, select some embossing powders, you will need at least 2 different colors that will work well together, and a small tray of water that you can dip your ‘mark making tools’ into.


Using your ‘mark makers’, dip them into water and then ‘stamp’ them onto your cardstock. Choose a cardstock that isn’t too absorbent, we want the water to sit ontop of the card for a minute or two. Once you like to look of your marks, allow the extra water to drip straight down and off the page, you can encourage the drips by tapping the card gently down wards.


Sprinkle your chosen embossing powder over the top of the water marks, I used Guten Tag Teal.


Use your heat tool to melt the embossing powder and then add some splashes of water using a paintbrush.


Sprinkle these water droplets with a different colored embossing powder, I used Bavarian Blue.


And that’s all there is to it!! Simple and ready for you to enhance however you choose.  I have an example below of a finished piece. I added some Flat Fabio luscious lime splashes and used a brush and some water to color the background. I used the same Bavarian Blue embossing powder to color the chipboard element. A bit of random stamping and threw in a few gems and a chipboard word element to finish off.


The options are endless…


I created a step-by-step video so you can see the whole process.


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