How to Alter a Wooden Box with Marta


Hello Lindy’s Stamp Gang fans! It’s Marta Turska – Grochocka here.

Some of our readers asked, how to alter a wooden object, a box or a wooden board to create a home decor element. With this blog post, I would like to give you some tips and tricks, how to use Lindy’s Stamp Gang products on wood.


First of all….. pick your object! It’s important, the wood has to be smooth or – if you want to accent the texture – the texture of the wood needs to be visible on the surface. At the beginning pick something small and remember – you are playing 🙂 It supposed to be fun!


The next step is covering your object with gesso. It can be spray (it covers objects in a precise way) or you can cover things with gesso using a brush. Let it dry. Later you can adhere elements, metal or fabric or wooden ones (or other), and cover them with gesso again. And again – let it dry.


On this box I’ve used 3 types of Lindy’s Stamp Gang products:

  • Starburst sprays. I covered the whole surface just by spraying here and there. Later, I covered some elements with the spray using a brush. It’s a cool way to add more shining pigment on elements I’ve used. You can spray with mists, you can paint with them or just sprinkle here and there. They cover the surface of the wood in a perfect way!
  • Magical shaker. I’ve used the black shade to add some shading under my elements and around them. I just use it with water and I apply it with a brush.
  • Embossing powders. I’ve used them to accent edges and interesting textures of the elements I’ve used. Powders are a cool way to turn our object into a shining jewel! Just cover edges of the box with embossing ink & powders and it gives an amazing dimension and shiny touch.


All these products are perfect to use on wood. I just use gesso at first to make colors more permanent and to create a nice layer of color, which will be applied more evenly.


I’ve filmed a video tutorial for you too, to show you this process step by step.




Lindy’s Products


I hope you can find this post useful, maybe you will create something by yourself?

Thank you for stopping by!


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