4 Seasons of Mixed Media with Phoebe Tonosaki

I am very lucky to be chosen as the first winner in Lindys Gang challenge on FaceBook this year, and with this honor, Lindys’ granted me the chance to work on a project and post it on their blog.

I didn’t find Lindys’ items until this year as here in Japan, mixed media supplies are VERY limited. It wasn’t until this year by the influence of Marta, I was able to purchase directly from the Lindys store.  I fell in love immediately with all the purple, green and blue tones they have. My favorites are Shabby Turbine Teal, Bells of Ireland Green and French Lilac Violet that I use them almost on every project I do!  Throughout Lindy’s awesome products, esp Magicals, I was able to put my wild imagination to work and created some “weird but fun” projects – like this project!   This is what I came up with. A House of Four Seasons.  The house has four sides and each of it represents one season.

This is Spring. In my world, Spring is full of new bloom flowers, birds are singing in the pleasant colors.
The shiny effect of the birds is a mixture of Nuvo embellishment paste with Magicals. They work wonderfully with ANYTHING!!

The next is Summer. My version of summer is many many greens and a happy horse running free in the woods.

Lindy’s products:
The horse is made with polymer clay. I like the shiny texture of polymer clay.
Now we have Autumn. I love the refreshing orange color of this season.  Even the dark brown color feels so gorgeous and lovely here
Lastly, we have Winter.  I like the simpleness of the snow and it gives me very peaceful feeling.
Lindy’s products:

Really love Pearlescent, it adds such beauty to the piece !!


A video is uploaded here, you can also see how the whole piece looks at the end of the video.

Thank you very much to Lindys, for giving me such a chance to challenge myself.

Thank you very much for having me!

Phoebe Tonosaki
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