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Hi everyone, it’s Asia here 🙂 and I am a Polish/French mixed media artist. My art adventure started little over one year ago and I can honestly say that exactly at the same time I fell in love with Lindy’s sprays and Magicals 🙂 My favorite color (there are so many) it’s probably Tibetan Poppy Teal. I am definitely teal/ turquoise kind of girl 🙂  I love using Lindy’s products- they are easy to work with, there are so many colors and ways of applications, and the result is always beautiful! So thank you so much Lindy’s Gang for this great opportunity and for this invitation to be a guest on the blog- it means a lot!  Some time ago I did a casting of Sun/ Moon couple and did a sneak-peak of it on social media. However, I was not too happy with the colors and for this canvas I decided to do another casting and cover it entirely with Lindy’s Starbursts and Magicals.


Today I created for you my very first canvas with Lindy’s Magicals: Caribbean BluePlumeria Pink and Ocean Breeze Blue and Starbursts: Afternoon Delight DenimFrolic in the Forest Black and Voodoo Violet Blue (limited edition set).

I gessoed the canvas and added some stenciling (stairs and spirals and  Modeling Paste by Pebeo).  After drying it I started applying  Starbursts and Magicals, drying it well after every color application. I divided unevenly the canvas- one part for the Moon, and one for the Sun. On the Moon part, I used: Starbursts- Afternoon Delight Denim, Voodoo Violet Blue (limited edition set) and Magicals- Caribbean Blue. On the Sun side, I used Magicals: Ocean Breeze BlueCaribbean Blue and Plumeria Pink (applied first with a wet brush, later with a finger).

I used the same color combinations on the casting.   I also added a small touch of Daler and Rowney Shimmering Blue acrylic to the Moon part. This paint is translucent, so it does not cover what’s underneath it (in this case: Starbursts- Afternoon Delight Denim, Voodoo Violet Blue, and Magicals- Caribean Blue), it just adds more shimmer to it. Then I did some black splatters with Starbursts Frolic in the Forest Black.

For the Sun I used Magicals: Ocean Breeze Blue and  Caribean Blue. But I wanted to give it more color, make it more happy and day-like looking. And while applying colors,  I got my big discovery:) I know you can apply Magicals with your fingers or a sponge. What I did not expect was the fact that resin has small cracks all over it, and while rubbing Plumeria Pink onto the Sun side, the pigment powder got inside the cracks and gave it a whole new look, shine, and texture! In some places it even changed the color into violet:) Isn’t that just Magical? 🙂

Isn’t that just Magical?


You can find a complete step-by-step tutorial on my page:

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