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Hello!! Its Kerry here. Today I am sharing a mini page that could easily be adapted to suit a card.  I am using the AWESOME Magical Shakers, some plastic lids to use as stamps, water and brush and some smooth white cardstock. Time to get started 🙂


Using the Guten Tag Teal shaker and water, make a small puddle of watercolor on a non-porous surface, I am using an acrylic block. Then dip the lid into the color and ‘stamp’ onto the card. Add some fine sprays of water to the card and allow the rings to bleed slightly, and then dry with the heat tool.


I repeated the above steps using a smaller lid and the Black Forest Black Magical Shaker to make some smaller, darker rings. Using archival ink (because archival ink won’t react with water), I have stamped a star onto my page and also onto another piece of scrap card.


Make small puddles of Yodeling Yellow Shaker and Oktoberfest Orange Shaker and paint the star that has been stamped onto the scrap paper. Once dry, cut out the star and layer it on top of the star on your ‘ringed’ background.


Add a few splashes from the Black Forest Black Magical Shaker and Oktoberfest Orange Shaker and a title and mount onto some black cardstock and we are done!


You can find links to the products and a step by step video at the end of this post 🙂


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Thanks for dropping by and have a magical day 🙂

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