Mixed Media Tiny Gardens with Nunu Box

Hi Gang – Nunu here on the Lindy’s blog today. First of all, let me say I feel so honored and grateful for this opportunity. I still can’t believe I won a Lindy’s Challenge. And the story is kind of fun, cause I was on vacation when everything happened and people started congratulating me… and I didn’t know why!

Getting to know Lindy’s products was something mysterious for me. Lindy’s Starburst Sprays are sold only in one online shop in Spain… and every time they were in store, they ran out fast. I didn’t know how cool they are and that there are shimmer and two tones on every spray, cause there were no description. All I knew was that they should be something special if the sold out so fast.  So I waited patiently until I could buy some few… and it was love at first sight.

Then, after watching some YouTube videos, I decided to buy some Magicals from Lindy’s Store and… how can I describe that? I went crazy in love with those little jars! To the point where I now have every single Magical color and I need to force myself to use some other products of my stash, cause the truth is that I only want to use Magicals.

So for this special project I wanted to do something crazy, colorful, full of energy and with the biggest number of Magicals, I could use. I’m a macro photographer… and butterflies are one of my favorite subjects to capture with my camera, so I decided to create something I would love to photograph if it was real… and that’s how the idea of the Tiny Gardens came about.

For the Blue Tiny Garden box, I used Time Travel Teal, Shabby Turbine Teal, Cowabunga Copper and Bayou Boogie Gold. For the Green Tiny Garden, I used Sea Mint Green, Gator Gumbo Olive and Cowabunga Copper plus Bayou Boogie Gold again.

And for the Purple one, I used Jazzi Javin’ Purple, Voodoo Violet and the copper and gold again as a unifying color.

The madness came out with the butterflies, cause I used lots of colors to make them pop up. These are some: Steampunk Sepia, Golden Sleigh Bells, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Mango Mania, Bonjour Butter, Sandra Dee Sepia, Autumn Maple Crimson, Raspberry Lemonade, Cotton Candy Pink, Chateau Rose, Gag me with a Spoon Gray, Hydrangea Blue, Bachelor Button Blue, Sidewalk Chalk, Pop Rock Purple.

I also used Magicals to color some paper flowers, because I didn’t have all the shades I wanted, and I discovered that they are absolutely fabulous for that. You don’t necessarily need white flowers, cause the pigments on Magicals are so rich that they will cover other colors just great.

Here you can see the whole process of creating the Purple Tiny Garden in this video, I hope you enjoy:

Lindy’s Products

See more of Nunu’s art here:

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  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtUMUEVdwMSOfWlSUsgpcsQ


Thanks a bunch to Lindy’s Team for choosing me and letting me be part of this.
Love for all.


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