Wax Effects with Lindy’s Sprays

Hi Gang – Aga on the blog today!  Today I would like to show you my way to get opalescent wax effect from Lindy’s Moon Shadow mists, Magicals and Sprays.

To do so, I covered a metal box with black gesso. The box had had a label before so its surface was a little bit sticky and that is why I was sure gesso would stay perfectly.
When you take a choose to paint metal surfaces it’s good to get rid of any grease on the surface and cover it with something that may increase paint adhesion.

Next, I took a color I was interested in and applied it on the black surface. I used a paintbrush to do so. If a pigment is too dense, you can add some mist to it. Take a look what opalescent effect you get from Lindy’s on black.

Finally, I recommend you spray the whole surface with lacquer in order to protect it and to keep the shimmer in place.

I’ve filmed the process so you can try this for yourself.

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Thank you for watching :)

BIG hugs… Aga

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