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Hello Lindy’s Tribe! I am thrilled to be back with you for another term with Lindy’s! Today’s project will feature some of the Original Magicals, Magical Shakers and Embossing powder and we are going to use these to create this beautiful Serenity card.

To start, I have heat embossed an artistic lotus stamp onto a piece of 300gsm hotpressed watercolor paper using Lindy’s awesome Caesar’s Gold Embossing Powder.


Then I have mixed my Magicals on a palette with a generous amount of water.  Remember that these little pots are potent and you only need a tiny bit of the powder.  Today I have chosen Tibetan poppy teal (from the Autumn Leaves Magical Set), Luscious Lime (from the Caribbean Cruise Flat Magical Set) and the Guten Tag Teal Magical Shaker.


I have used a ‘wet on wet’ technique to add color to the lotus, this simply means I have added water to the paper first to wet the surface, then I am adding the color to the wet paper, hence the term ‘wet on wet’.


You can see below that the color mixes with the water that was placed down on the paper first, this allows us to easily remove some of the color from the paper and we get a really soft light color as the result. You can use a little paper towel to absorb some of the water and color back up from the paper or dry off your brush on the paper towel and use the brush to absorb the color back up. For these background leaves I have used the lightest color, Luscious Lime.


For the leaves in the foreground, I have used the darkest color on the bottom, which was a mix of both the Tibetan Poppy Teal and the Guten Tag Teal, and the top of the leaves are coloured using Luscious Lime. I have a generous puddle of water on the leaf for the colors to mix and bleed into each other. The embossing powder acts as a well, keeping the water inside the leaf shape.


Once I am happy with the gradient from light to dark, I absorb the excess water using a paper towel and dry off with the heat tool.
Then using a very water laden brush, drag a very little amount of the color underneath the lotus to give some shadowing effect.


To finish off, flick a small amount of the color above the lotus and add some sequins, enamel accents and glitter and mount onto black card.


So pretty and serene!


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  • Watercolor paper, Versamark Ink, Sequins, stickles, enamel accents, black cardstock, stamp.


Thanks for dropping by and have a Magical Day xx

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  1. Beautiful design and colors, I appreciate the close up pictures, gives me a better look at the products, like the gold embossing powder which I now want to purchase.

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