Decorated Asterisk Lamp with Elena M.

Hello, my dear friends!!!

Today I want to share with you the process of decorating a lamp in the shape of a star. It’s my first project of the year! I was inspired by the wonderful color palette of our January challenge. I wanted to make a star like a piece of ice so it all glittered and sparkled!


Here you can see chipboard pieces that I’ve used, all with several layers of colorful embossing powder. First I applied one color of powder but did not cover the chipboard completely, I left some empty space. Then in, the same way, I added other colors of powders. In the end, the result exceeded my expectations. The powders gently flow into each other and give a stunning volume.


The star is made from cardboard, primed with white gesso and painted with sprays: Cowabunga Copper , Azure Sea Asters , Tainted Love Teal , I’m Late, I’m Late Slate , Fuzzy Navel Peach.



Simply Magic when the lights are turned on!



I’ve filmed the process for you:

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