Mini-Class: Create a Winter Forest Canvas with Olga Ravenskaya

Hello Lindy’s fans!  Olga Ravenskaya with you today with Lindy’s first Mini-Class!!!!
I’d like to share my Winter Forest Canvas made using gorgeous Lindy’s Sprays, Magicals and Powders.  So come with me and find out how to create several stunning elements that you could use on canvas, layouts or even cards, in Lindy’s first Mini-Class!

First of all I prepared all the pieces for my future canvas, you can see all these goodies in the photo below.

And this is my pyramid of Lindy’s Sprays, Magicals and Powders used for the canvas.
Beautiful isn’t it? ! 🙂

I took two sheets of thick watercolor paper and fixed them in place using masking tape. For the first sheet I chose magicals and sprays in shades of green…

and for the other – in shades of lilac and grey.

I covered both sheets completely. First I added sprays mixing different colors, then I added magicals, just sprinkled them in different parts of the sheets. Magicals make colors deeper and more interesting.

While both sheets of paper were drying I covered all my chippies, wooden and fabric embellishments with white gesso.

Usually I use sponge to give some texture to the elements as on the photo below.

Next, I applied a white modeling paste through the two kinds of stencils.

Now it’s a time for the painted dry watercolor sheets! I cut a lot of wintery designs using cutting dies.

Look how beautiful this reindeer moss…

or these fur-trees 😉

When the texture paste became dry I covered the canvas with the sprays, color-by-color, using different thin brushes. And then sprinkled by the magicals all over the surface while it was wet.

I used shades of lilac, grey and blue at the upper part, and shades of dark green – at the bottom.

For the fur-tree chipies I used two magicals – mixed them on the plate and then applied using a thin brush.

And for the other chipies I used sprays, applying them partially onto the surface.

It gave such a beautiful effect as on the photo below.

Now all my chippies are dry and ready for further work!

To make the background more complex I added stamps using water resistant dye inks, black and dark blue.

And after that added stamps using embossing powders.

To give some texture to the diecuts I embossed them. I used three shades of powders, applied them partially onto the surface, you can see the result below!

Then I took Pure White and Pop Rock Purple powders for the rest of chippies and die-cuts.

To make some gradient effect I used both powders as on the photo below. Dabbed all over the surface using embossing dabber, then applied a stripe of Pop Rock Purple powder, wiped off excess by a fan brush, then applied Purely White powder and heated.

And to make snowy effect I used only Purely White powder by applying it partially on the surface of elements.

Look at this spruce brunch! To make such snowy effect I added dry glitter just after heating when the surface was hot and sticky.

And you have probably noticed that every colored fur-tree has its white duplicate;)

To make the fur-trees more dimensional and snowy I combined them all together, colored one and white duplicate as on the photo below.

I colored a wooden deer and a hedgehog using magicals… and all the preparations are complete!

Then I made the composition, glued all the elements and added different toppings such as art stones, mini prills, glass glitter and “shaved ice”.

And the final touch – to tint some elements and to add splashes of sprays and white acrylic paint.

Here is the result!

At the very end I added a small birdie into my winter forest;)

Lindy’s Products:

Other Products: Liquitex White gesso, Finnabair Modelling paste Opaque Matte, Petaloo flowers, CraftStory stencil, Simon Says Stamp Black dye ink, 7Dots Studio stamps, 49 and Market stamps, Finnabair Art Stones

Thank you for your attention! 🙂

Have a nice day!






Mixed media artist and educator from the beautiful city Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Totally addicted to the colorful world of Lindy's. YouTube: Olga Ravenskaya/Instagram: @olga.ravenskaya

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