Mixed Media Altered Ballerina Slippers by Aleksandra

Hi gang! It’s Aleksandra from Papermade fairytale here with you today. I’m proudly presenting my first inspiration for you as a member of amazing Lindy’s Gang Design team. I would like to first thank for the opportunity that has been given to me! It is a great honour and joy to be a part of my dream team with such an amazing products and such an amazing teammates. I hope I’ll be able to inspire you, give you some fresh, creative ideas and share some tips and learn you few tricks as we go along this journey.

I have today prepared for you mixed media altered ballerina slippers in a color of the year – purple. I wanted to capture the story of ballerinas, going through ups and downs, struggles, pains to achieve their goals and dreams. But this is not only their story. It’s our story. It’s my story. And it’s your story. And I feel that the quote captures perfectly the core of happiness and success in life. So “be strong, when you are weak, be brave, when you are scared, but always… always be humble when you are victorious”.


I covered my slippers with white gesso and white crackle texture paste to add some dimension to them. Then I added cheesecloth over the top and I covered everything with a coat of black gesso.

Next add embellishments, flowers and some art stones in different sizes. On top of it I again added a coat of black gesso. Then I dry-brushed it over with white gesso and applied various shades of Lindy’s. Before making the project I experimented a bit and made my own homemade wax with Lindy’s Magicals and Magical Shakers and then used them on top of the colored slippers. The effect was gorgeous!


I used some Digital papers to add inside of the slippers with a beautiful Ballerina and a gorgeous Swan. This was the way of trying to recreate one of the most beautiful Ballet stories ever “Swan Lake”. By choosing white color tones for the inside I created a contrast with the darker outside composition.

Lindy’s Products

There is also a video tutorial for you on our Youtube channel, so you can try it for yourself! I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun with this project as I did!

Thank you so much for taking time to stop by and see you soon!

Hugs, Aleksandra



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