City Skyline Journal Page with Aga

Hi All, today I have created a cityscape journal page using a fabulous mask stencil from Stencilgirl and the new Lindy’s Magical Shakers.
I tried to show you something totally different, I mixed dry colorant to thicken the modeling paste, I didn’t mix the substances perfectly to make it more structured.

Basic Process

  1. Cover page in white gesso
  2. Mix molding paste, dry colorant and Lindy’s Magical powder (but don’t mix well – you want some color differences)
  3. Once dry add Lindy’s sprays and blot with paper towel
  4. Add more color using sprays until it looks interesting
  5. Add white gesso around texture – some of the color will smear and tint the gesso (cover twice with gesso)
  6. Place stencil back over page and add gold paste and artisan powder to highlight the texture and city skyline
  7. With stencil still on page add crackle paste for extra texture.
  8. Add stamping, hand drawn details, paint splashes and wire to finish page.

The Magical Shakers are so versatile!

Sometimes, when you want to treat already colored surface with white gesso, the mists and sprays smear when using it. It just simply happens.
You will see in the video, that I cover the paper with gesso twice. To prevent the color coming through, the dry surface should be protected by varnish before adding the gesso. I didn’t do that, since it requires some time to dry out but you can try different varnishes at home.

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  • Stencil: Stencil Girls Products


Thank you for watching 🙂

BIG hugs for you… Aga

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