Curiously – Mixed Media on Wood with Kasia Bogatko

Hello Lindy’s fans!

Today I have a mixed media project for you built on a wooden house. It’s full of structures and tiny details and colored with Lindy’s gorgeous sprays. I used resin shapes for this, but paper clay, old jewellery parts, buttons, unnecessary metal elements would be equally good! It depends only on your imagination.


  1. Choose the elements and glue to the base with gel medium
  2. Cover everything with white gesso
  3. Add color with Lindy’s sprays or magical shakers, spritz with water, thanks to this the color will settle into the deeper places
  4.  Attach embellishments – chipboard pieces, words, and add some glitter
  5. When everything dries, use the white gesso to highlight all the details

You can watch the entire process on my video:

Here you can see all the details. The more elements you add, the more interesting effect you’ll create.

You can see the color is darker in the deeper areas of the design.

That shimmer!!


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