Mixing Magical Shaker with Clay by Phoebe Tonosaki

Hello gang, Today I want to share a special technique using Lindy’s NEW Magical Shakers to add subtle and even color to your clay embellishments.

You may ask, why not make it simpler, just color the finished clay parts with sprays or other medium?  Yes, you sure can color it that way, but please take a look of these photos. Don’t you think the clay parts are just gorgeously dreamy beautiful ??
If you try to paint directly onto the surface of the clay embellishments, it is quite difficult to achieve this light but elegant even coloring.


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As a bonus, this is a technique easy and fun, you can use any color combinations you like !!


  1. Knead the air dry clay to soften
  2. Add Magical shaker and a little bit of water to the clay and knead until you have a consistent color
  3. Press clay into mould
  4. Leave to air dry

I have a short video tutorial for you explaining how to mix the Magical powder with the clay and I’ll also show you step-by-step how to make this pastel colored magic wand.


I hope you like this technique and project. If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me <3

5 thoughts on “Mixing Magical Shaker with Clay by Phoebe Tonosaki

  1. Hi Viera,
    Sorry for the late reply. The little stones I used is called “Prills” . They have many many colors I really like them
    hope it helps.

  2. What a wonderful composition of colours, shapes and techniques. Love it.
    Little question: what kind of product are theese small pretty balls? I only know prima art stones, but the ones you used are quite different. Would you be so kind and tell me the product name? Thank you very much.

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