Mixed Media Star Ornament by Nirvana

Hi everybody!!

Nirvana on the Lindy’s blog today to show you how I used Lindy’s Magicals to add color to this mixed media star!!

Basic Process

  1.  Cover star in heavy white gesso and dry with an embossing tool
  2. Glue on embellishments and cover with more gesso
  3. Sprinkle Magicals powder in Alpine Ice Rose and Autumn Maple Crimson over the star and spray with water to activate
  4. Add Time Travel Teal Magical powder while still wet, and add more water
  5. Dry with an embossing tool
  6. Add California Poppy and spritz with water
  7. Dry star and add more color if needed
  8. Apply metallic wax to finish

I also concocted a little video for you so you can play along!

Grab your Lindy’s supplies

I love the little bits of shimmer on the star.

Such beautiful colors!

Thank you so much for your attention, I hope this has given you some ideas for your own creations!



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