Color Wheel Layout: Oh So Happy with Natalie

Oh My Goodness … Have you seen how gorgeous the March Colour Challenge is … so pretty and bright … perfect for this idea I had to get out of my head!

I love the colour wheel – in fact if you ask anyone who has been to any of my classes … I waffle on about it ALL THE TIME … so I wanted to embrace that in this layout!

These colours worked pretty well together and I couldn’t wait to have a play – but first I needed a circle!

Out of the 7.5 million stamps I own I don’t have a Colour Wheel or a Pie Chart so I had to draw one!  Hmmm …. stop … panic slightly …. rethink …. ok … Trace the rolls of tape in front of me – PERFECT!

Next, I dragged out ALL of the black pens I own – which is just under 7.5 million – and tested which ones didn’t run with water – which I established was quite a few but I went with the Pentel PermaBall.  I then drew over the pencilled circles and used a ruler to draw the lines in… Done!

Now to add the rainbow of Lindy’s colour … I’m used Marshmallow Cardstock which holds liquid really well and gave the area a little water mist first then carefully added the first colour – because the paper is wet, the colour moves around and allows you to add in the second colour and get a little blending between the two. Too easy!

I’ve whipped up a little Video tutorial if you want to have a look — Head Over Here!


So have a go this month – the colours are divine!

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Love Natalie

Natalie May

2 thoughts on “Color Wheel Layout: Oh So Happy with Natalie

  1. Fabulous video! Very inspiring, yet simple. Love your videos and look forward to more!!!!!!!! :))

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