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Hi Lindy’s fans!

Caroline with you here today, to swatch and compare the Lindy’s blue spray shades for you. I made the same with Purples a long time ago and I feel it was time to go ahead with more gorgeous Lindy’s colors.

I have now enough blues to show you the differences between each of them and to show you how they look like in real life!

IMG_2533 (1)

Here’s a quick look at my collection, I store them all by shades in little plastic containers, so they are easy to grab while I’m creating.

IMG_2535 (1)

Let’s have a closer look on my little swatch for you. I tried to keep the picture as close to real light as I could. Always keep in mind that Flat Fabio’s are non shimmering colors and Starburst have a gorgeous sparkling shimmering particles in them.

I’ve let them all air dry and I created these swatches on watercolor paper.

IMG_2536 (1)

*Yes… I had no idea I had Hydrangea blue 2 times before making that swatch… things happens =P

IMG_2537 (1)

It was hard to show you correctly the shimmer inside each individual shades on those 2 top pictures so I made a few closer shots nearby a window to give you a better idea!

IMG_2541 (1)IMG_2538 (1)

You can clearly see here how they are totally shimmery! Those blues are just gorgeous!

IMG_2539 (1)

Here’s some more pictures where I used blues in the past.

IMG_1788 (1)

I used 2 tones from our January special kit that you can still buy individually on the Lindy’s store, Starburst Tainted love teal and Starburst Azure sea Asters.

IMG_5481 (1)

Here I used Starburst Hydrangea blue and Starburst Witch’s potion purple

I made also a really quick video to show you the colors in real life. You will be able to see the difference between blues that looks quite alike and I will explain a few things!

Thank you for being here and I hope my little comparison will be helpful for you when choosing your blues!

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