Embossed Pebbles with Kerry

Hello! Its Kerry with you today.  Quite often we forget that out products can be used with more than just paper and cardstock. Today I am using the fabulous Lindy’s Embossing Powders on some pebbles.  These would make awesome wedding favors or table scatters and you could theme them for birthdays or Christmas really easily.


You will only need a few tools for this project: some stamps, embossing ink, a heat tool and your favorite Lindy’s Embossing powders. Today I am using Obviously Black and Cuckoo Clock Cardinal.


Take your stamp and using embossing ink, stamp directly onto the pebble’s surface, this is a little hard to see, but the good thing is if you don’t get a good impression, you can wipe it off and start again.


Sprinkle the embossing powder over your stamping and if you are happy with your stamped image, heat set the embossing powder with a heat tool. A little word of caution, the pebbles will get quite hot, so place them on a cork mat and allow plenty of time for them to cool before handling.


Once the pebble has cooled, add a second stamp for interest and sprinkle with a second color of embossing powder, and heat set.


The embossed image will remain a little raised on the surface… soooo cute!


They look great on their own….


or in a set 🙂



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  • Embossing Ink, heat tool, stamps. pebbles.

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6 thoughts on “Embossed Pebbles with Kerry

  1. Great idea! I’m curious about the stones too. They’re so smooth and shiny. Can you tell us how you prepped them please and what you used? That’s a major part of the project for us newbies. thanks!

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