Magical Shakers and Mixed Media Products

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It’s Marta here. Today I have for you some interesting mixed media experiments using Lindy’s Magical Shakers and a variety of pastes and gel mediums, which turned out to be really fun and creative too!


I made two samples of each product. The first sample, on the left was dry product, covered with the Magical Shaker (Cathedral Pines or Lederhosen Laurel)

mixed with water. The second sample, on the right, was product mixed with Magical Shaker when it was wet and then applied onto the paper.

I filmed a video for you,  where you can watch, how the products look like before and after the application, and what is the difference between “the dry” and “the wet” way.

As you can see in the pictures, the effect depends on the product used, sometimes it’s silky and smooth, sometimes it has a delicate texture. Sometimes it’s matte and sometimes it’s glossy, transparent or opaque.


I hope my pictures will help you to make the right choice, which product is the best for you and how you can apply Magical Shaker to achieve the best result.


Some pastes and gels turn the Magicals matt and others allow the beautiful shimmer to shine through.


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