Create Heavy Metal Effect Egg with Phoebe Tonosaki

Hello gang, this is Phoebe here introducing something really cool for this month’s color challenge.

When I saw the color palette of this month, I just knew I had to make THIS, cos steampunk and metal colors are just me !

While the vibrant gorgeous colors of Lindy’s sprays are the most well known, Lindy’s also have some VERY impressive vintage metallic colors.

So here let me show you what I have used for this project first :

Lindy’s Products


Because this month is a Easter season so I decided to do a steampunk style egg as my project.
You can see how I built up the egg from scratch in the follow video, it is not difficult at all and I encourage you to try it out!

Basic procedure

1) Use chicken wire to make the egg shape

2) Mix Paper paste and plaster paste to build up texture

3) Add clockwatch parts for decoration

4) Cover with black gesso

5) Spray heavily with all the Lindy’s sprays

6) Emphasize on certain parts with spray Grab a guy gold

7) Use Embossing Powder on random parts

8) Once again paint surface with Grab a guy gold

I did showcase how the egg looks at the end of the video, please don’t forget to look at that and see how the metal effect is gorgeous and incredibly eye catching !!! also I welcome you to enlarge the photos I upload here to see how the metallic colors of Lindy’s are the most mysterious beauties !!!


I hope you enjoy this tutorial and try out some heavy metal fun !!



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