Mixed Media Frame (Magic Doors) with Kasia

Hello friends, it’s Kasia here with my new project – mixed media frame using Lindy’s sprays, shakers and magicals!.

In this project, I focused mainly on the texture. I used different sizes of stones and stone effect pastes to make this texture effect strong and visible, as I wanted to get a frame that has “grown” a stone for years.

The main element is the resin door. I painted it with a black gesso, and then I sprayed with Lindy’s mists. To finish it off, I added some wax to highlight and emphasize the details.


Basic Process

  1. Add a texture to your project – you can use beads, art stones, modeling paste, effect paste (like stone effect).
  2. Cover everything with white gesso. It will be easier to add colors.
  3. Use any Lindy’s colors you like. It can be sprays, shakers, or magicals.
  4. Dry everything thoroughly.
  5. Add gesso to get all the details to stand out. Use several layers, but dry each one thoroughly.




I hope you enjoy the video of the process I used, to create the mixed media frame.

Lindy’s supplies


I hope you have enjoyed this idea,



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