Using Lindy’s on Slick Surfaces by Phoebe Tonosaki

Hello all, Phoebe here to share a new technique showing how to use Lindy’s on a slick surface to alter gorgeous off the page projects.

We always find some beautiful items that we want to give a new life, only to find that they are slick surface like plastic, which will not hold the paint unless you sand it pretty hard.

Here I have a SOLUTION for you !!!

Basic Procedure

  1.  Glue embellishments onto the surface as you like.
  2.  Cover the whole surface with chalky finish paint as primer. You can use multiple coats with different colors if you want more depth on the piece.
  3.  Spray HEAVY coats of Lindy’s Sprays to the surface.
  4.  Use baby wipes to remove some of the coats to create distress look.
  5.  Paint random small area with matte medium to create ancient texture.

Lindy ‘s Products

I have a tutorial video here for you

You may ask, WHY not just use the normal primer like gesso??

Well, the gesso or modeling paste etc will not hold the paint and will fall off after a while.
Secondly, sometimes spray on white gesso it is too soft but spray on black gesso it is too dark. By spraying on chalky paint finish, it gives another color option other than just white/black gesso. You can try your color palette of chalky finish paints THEN with different colors of Lindy’s sprays and you will find INCREDIBLE effects !!!

Please ZOOM in to see how beautiful the colors are.  The most important: it is so easy to achieve!! 

These close up photos show how the sparkles from the Lindy’s products settle into some of the crevices in the project creating pockets of shimmer.

Lindy ‘s Products

Other Products

  • Chalk finish paint

I hope you will try it out and if you have any inquiries do not hesitate to let me know!

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