“La vie est belle” Canvas Card with Nirvana

Hi everybody!!!

This month I had planned a different video, but a little girl (9 years old) needed good waves, happy days and comfort so I made her a card on a canvas, just to tell her that “life is beautiful”!
I thought I would share it with all of you !!


Start by grabbing some beautiful Lindy’s sprays, I used: Plumeria PInk Flat Spray, Hi Maintenance Magenta Shimmer Spray, Yellow Rose of Texas Shimmer Spray, Cocoa Bean Copper Shimmer Spray, Cowabunga Copper Shimmer Spray, Aloha Avocado Flat Spray and Poinciana Red Flame Shimmer Spray

Basic Process:

  1. Add modeling paste through your stencil, dry with a heat gun.
  2. Then spray the colors of your choice.
  3. Put some black ink on a sponge and gently wipe the edges of the canvas and the raised pieces (reliefs) of your modeling paste and now…
  4. Decorate !!!

With this process, you can create beautiful backgrounds that look like mini artworks to use on your card fronts.

Lindy’s Products

Thank you for your attention, I hope my card has made your day a little more beautiful!


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