Magical Unicorn Altered Box with Aleksandra

Hi Lindy’s gang fans. 🙂 It’s my turn to inspire you here on the Lindy’s blog. Today I have for you something soft, gentle, sweet and magical.  Inspired by a cake I saw some time ago,  I altered a box and turned it into a real Unicorn with gorgeous rainbow Unicorn’s hair made with flowers and Lindy’s Magical colors.


  1. I first colored the box with white gesso and covered it with white crackle texture paste.
  2. Next, I started to work on Unicorn’s horn. I used styrofoam cone as a base and I put some felting wool around it that I shaped and fixed with some Tex art medium.
  3. Attach the cone to the box and color it with gorgeous “Grab a guy gold” magical shaker.
  4. Sprinkle it with some gold glitter when still wet.
  5. I then added ears that I cut out from paper and covered with texture paste and started adding flowers to form Unicorn’s hair.
  6. I covered flowers with white gesso, added some art stones and started adding colors on top with “Grab a guy gold”, “Magnolia magenta gold”, “Guten tag teal” magical shakers and color of the month “French lilac violet” starburst spray.
  7. Of course, I sprinkled some white glitter on top when still wet to add a magical touch!

To finish, I painted the ears and added eyelashes that I printed and fussy cut.


Here is the video tutorial on Lindy’s gang youtube channel, for all those of you, who’d like to try it for yourself.

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Thank you so much for taking time to stop by and see you soon!

Hugs, Aleksandra




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