Flower Arrangement with Lindy’s and Phoebe Tonosaki

Hello all, Phoebe here with you today to share how to make a faux flower arrangement colored with Lindy’s sprays.  This little floral ball is a perfect decoration for your craft room or in different colors imagine this for Christmas or even a wedding!

We all have those beautiful paper flowers and why not use a few of them to make a flower arrangement mixed media style?

Here I have a video tutorial for you, I promise it’s easy:

Basic Procedure:

  1. Remove center part from a round shaped floral sponge
  2. Glue different shapes and sizes of paper flowers over the whole surface
  3. Gesso over the flowers and all the surface areas
  4. Pour various colors of Lindy’s sprays onto the surface
  5. Dry completely, then add final highlights in certain areas
  6. Add glitter as much or as little as you like


With the pouring method, the sponge will absorb all the colors and when dried,  it deepens the whole hue and make it more vibrant and gorgeous !

Lindy’s Products:


I hope you like this idea and please do not hesitate if you have any inquiries .

Arigatou (Thank you) !

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