Mixed Media Rusty Anchor Tutorial with Olga Bielska

Hello dear Lindy’s friends!

Olga Bielska here today with a tutorial on how you can create this captivating rusty anchor using beautiful products from Lindy’s Stamp Gang.  So gather together you supplies and let’s set sail on a magical adventure to the depths of the sea.

I’ve created a step-by-step video for you, watch and learn how to create the stunning textures and colors I’ve achieved on this project for yourself 🙂

Basic Process

I started by applying a crackle paste and pumice paste on the anchor, cardboard elements and clay elements.

Then, I sprinkled Tannenbaum Green Gold ,Bratwurst Brown and Midnight Copper embossing powders onto the wet paste covering the cardboard elements and dried with a heat tool, this sets the embossing powder and created extra texture as the wet paste puffs up a little when dried with a heat tool.

I left all the elements to dry completely.

Next, add colors, I used Cathedral Pines Green Shimmer SprayDark Chocolate Truffle Shimmer Spray and Gossamer Gold Vintage Spray.  Spray over the anchor and elements and dry between each color.  Paint the skull and crossbones pieces with black gesso and then when dry spray with Cathedral Pines Green.

Then I glued the elements to the anchor. I added a touch of white using white gesso.


As the finishing touch, here and there I stuck moss onto the anchor – so it really looks like it’s been in the sea.

Lindy’s Products:

Other products: cracking paste, gesso white,  gesso black, pumice paste.

Thank you so much for your attention!

Regards, Olga.


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  1. oh wow! that is beautiful! Question: what material is the anchor and where did you find it???

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