Art Rust with Nirvana

Hi Lindy’s Gang!!
Today, I present you my “Art Rust” canvas!!! I looooove rust, texture and obviously all the colors of Lindy’s sprays (since I’ve used so many of them)!!!!


For this canvas, I’ve used a bunch of my favourite Lindy’s sprays, when you use these together they are amazing for creating rust colors: Cowabunga CopperMedieval GoldSandra Dee SepiaIncandescent CopperCocoa Bean Copper and Bratwurst Brown.


Basic Process

  1. On the middle of your canvas, add modeling paste through a brick stencil, then a different stencil design on the sides, I chose flowers!
  2. Paste your embellishments down in the middle of the canvas, then add white gesso over the top of everything!
  3. Once dry, play with the sprays, spray directly over the gesso !!!
  4. To finish and bring out the texture, add colored wax paste!

Now for some close up photos so you can see the amazing texture and color.




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