Lindy’s Magical Totems with Guest Designer Nuneka


Nuneka here today as Lindy’s Guest Designer with a beautiful and super easy project for you. I found some huge clothespins in the dollar store and when arrived home I put them in the table standing still… then I thought they looked like totems! Why not give them a dreamy look with Lindy’s Magicals??

I started covering the clothespins with gesso, then glued the wings, stars and stones and added a little crackle paste in the front and the sides. When everything was dry I started playing with the Magicals and got fascinated by the awesome colors that came out of only three jars: Screaming Banshee Black, Midnight Rendezvous Raven and Gag me with a Spoon Gray. I also used Starburst Spray Screaming Banshee Black to color the back side.

Once I was happy with the colors, I used metallic wax to give very gently touches highlighting the relief and adding light to the wings. I glued a little bulb and  some flowers. The final touch was to give some gesso added with a dry brush and making some splatters with white ink.

I was so happy with the results that I decided to make three pieces, following exactly the same steps. As Magicals are so special and give different shades every time you use them, each totem is unique.

I’ve filmed a full video tutorial for you all. Enjoy!!

You can see more or Nuneka’s wonderful art online:

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