I love Magicals! Pastel Journal Page

Hi All, today I decided to use pastel colors for an art journal page that is a little different.

To make these wonderful pastel colors, I mixed Magical Powders with white gesso. The Gesso should be runny so that you can use it with your finger. The color intensity depends on the powder amount. The more powder, the more intense color. I also like to doodle on my works, it’s what gives an effect of uncontrolled mess.

Basic Process

  1. Glue collage papers onto background
  2. Apply gesso over background using fingers – make sure to leave some of the papers peeking though
  3. Mix Magicals with gesso to create pastel colors and apply to page using fingers, dry with a heat tool
  4. Scrape white gesso over page using palette knife
  5. Stamp images in black ink over background and add doodling, add color to images using Lindy’s sprays
  6. Add pattern with stencils and finish by adding some words and glossy accents.

See all in my tutorial below 🙂


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Thank you for watching 🙂

BIG hugs for you… Aga




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