Flaming Heart with Pascale

Flaming Heart by Pascale

Hello Sweeties,

Today I’m up on Lindy’s Gang blog with a new project, the Flaming Heart. One of my friends give a small pallet and I used it as the base for my Lindy’s project.

Flaming Heart by Pascale

First, I primed the pallet with two layers of white gesso.

Next, I glued on a few pieces of a doily with a 3D gel and then, I covered the doily’s pieces with gesso.

Flaming Heart by Pascale

I added a design with different pastes: I used Pumice, Limestone and White Sand as I wanted to obtain different textures.  Just look at this beautiful result. I covered everything with another layer of white gesso.

Flaming Heart by Pascale

Next, I choose different embellishments: a broken plaster frame, a resin flaming heart, and flowers.  I glued all the elements with a 3D gel and filled the empty spots with Art Stones. When all the embellishments were in place and nothing was moving, I painted the frame and the flowers with white gesso.

Flaming Heart by Pascale

To color the piece, I mixed a white pearl acrylic paint with Magicals: Bratwurst Brown and Guten Tag Teal. And that’s the moment I was so taken by the creative process that I forget to take photos!

Spray two inks: Tainted Love Teal and Long John’s Silver as well as water. When happy with the result, use the mix of white pearl acrylic and magicals to add more color.
Then, dilute the paint with water to obtain a watercolor effect. Spray again with the Tainted Love Teal and the Long John’s Silver inks and add more paints until happy.
To finish I added Red Hot Poker Orange ink in some places to mimic rust.

And here is the result.

Flaming Heart by Pascale

Some close-ups – look how amazing the Lindy’s Magicals look mixed with the pearl acrylic paint!

Flaming Heart by Pascale

Flaming Heart by Pascale Flaming Heart by Pascale Flaming Heart by Pascale

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