Lindy’s Beautiful Rainbow Panel with Sivan Amedi

Hi lovely Lindy’s fans! Sivan here with you today with new inspiration using sprays on wood.

I love to play with Lindy’s colors and create beautiful combinations. This time I decided to use a trio of colors and make a cool and easy rainbow wooden home decor project.

Basic Process

  1. First I created a base of “lines” on a wood panel with white gesso and painted them with my trio Lindy’s sprays – C’est la vie Cerise, Salt Water Taffy and Luminous Lemon.   You can see this step in the video.
  2. Then I painted all the edges with black gesso.
  3. To make it feel that the rainbow is “coming out” from the black background, spread the black gesso with small light movements so that I achieved a blend of colors.
  4. And that’s it! really simple and cool rainbow base.

Now all that’s left is to place all the decorative elements and add little finishing touches.

To add a little more color to my panel, I painted gauze fabric with Lindy’s Magical Shakers –  Alpine Ice Rose, California Poppy Gold and Frozen Jack Frost  and added pieces in different parts of the composition.

In also, painted a mix of sequins and art stones with C’est la vie Cerise and glued on using soft medium gel.

Here’s a short video from the process:


Hope you liked it and get inspired. There are so many easy and fun options with Lindy’s 🙂

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Thank you so much for stopping by! xoxo

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