Organizing your Lindy’s Gang Products with Cindy

Hi awesome Gang! It’s Cindy here and with today’s post I’d like to show you how I organize my Lindy’s products. It took me quite some time to get this organized, but I can promise you that it’s really worth it!

Last month we moved to our new home. In our old house I needed to share the second bedroom with my boyfriend, so he had a part of it to use as office space and I used the other half of the room for my stuff. But my craft stuff is like a really bad mold…after three years it literally took over Nicks part of the room…lol…  So we both we’re really happy to discover the new house would have plenty enough room to each have an own room ;).  I’ve dreamed about my own craft room with all kinds of fun ways to store my supplies for quite some time, so I started organizing right after we moved. When I just discovered Lindy’s I saw this great way to store and display your sprays on a narrow shelf and I decided that would be a goal for me.


I bought these small shelves, actually meant for paintings or picture frames and asked my father in law to mount them at a good height so I could easily grab the colors I need. The order is the same order as used in the Lindy’s shop (love that Rainbow <3). I’ve placed the Starburst and Flat Fabio sprays together and placed the Moon Shadow Mists and Glitz Spritz on the bottom shelf.

I’ve added small round samples on top of the bottles, I’ve used my Silhouette Cameo to cut them out, so I can easily see what exact color spray it is. Again I just love the rainbow ;). I also made these color fans to use when I’m working on a project. I like to determine what colors to use by using this fan.

I also made samples on black paper to see how the colors turn out when used on a dark background. This was so much fun to do because some colors really turn out so different then you would expect.

Magicals and Shakers

I’ve made same color fans for my collection of Magicals and Magical Shakers. I actually didn’t organize those two the same as my Sprays and Powders. That’s because I like to have my shakers close and don’t see the advantage of displaying them by color. My Magicals are already organized because of the way that they are packed.

Embossing Powders

My embossing powders on the other end are organized the same way as my sprays. I made samples to add to the cap using Versamark ink and circles cut by my Silhouette Cameo again. It really is so inspiring to work on a project, look to the side and seeing this gorgeous rainbow.

I’ve used some black gesso on small pieces of paper to create samples on a both white and black backgrounds. Some powders turn out to be really different on a darker background and I like to know that in advance…lol ;).

For me seeing these gorgeous rainbows is instant happiness…every morning I walk into my craftroom just to look at all those lovely colors for a second…I don’t think that’s normal though…haha.

So this is how I organized all my beloved Lindy’s products, I really love to see them while working on a project and I feel really inspired just by looking at all those gorgeous colors.

Thank you for stopping by and if you have any questions about this post just leave a comment below 🙂

6 thoughts on “Organizing your Lindy’s Gang Products with Cindy

  1. Thank you for sharing! I really love how you setup your sprays and embossing powders in your craft room and also the swatches. It gives me an idea in my small room. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jane,
    I bought them at Jysk, I think that’s a worldwide store but don’t know for sure, I’ve got a link on my own blog to the Dutch webshop, maybe you can find them using that link?
    My blogs url is

    Good luck 😃

  3. seriously?? I would love to have all of those colors to organize that way! Cindy , you did a marvelous job with your collection and color coders- beautiful!
    For now, my limited supply is in my drawer and I LOVE each and every color I have! I am a HUGE Lindy’s fan!
    Thanks so much for sharing
    Jackie xx

  4. Beautiful organization! so inspiring!! Are you able to share where you purchased the shelves?

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