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Hello my dear Lindy’s friends!

Summer is vacation time. Someone wants to go to the sea, someone goes to a ski resort in the mountains, and I dream of spending a week or two in a small log cabin by the lake. To swim every day and walk in the forest, and in the evening to sit by the fire, singing songs and frying fish :)))


My new layout is about this place. I finished painting the landscape from the picture (I’m still the artist :)))), added interest with texture paste, paper, and art-stones.

To draw the water of the lake I needed three shades of Lindy’s blue sprays: Azure Sea Asters, Tiffany Lou Blue, Delphinium Turquoise.


I needed three more shades of green to paint the forest: Freaky Franken’ Lime Cathedral Pines Green, Ponderosa Pines Olive.


I love the color yellow and often add it to my work. With the help of warm shades of sprays  Yellow Rose of Texas,  Wild Honeysuckle Coral,  Cowabunga Copper   I drew stones lying on the shore of the lake.



You will be able to see how I created each part of my layout in the video below:

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  • Clear Medium , white modeling paste, white gesso, 2Crafty chipboard, Fluffy Duffy dies, art stones, glitter, drops Fabrika Decoru.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you’ve enjoyed this post!

Happy and Fun Summer!


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