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Hi everybody!

Today I decided to mix one of my two favourite things- Lindy’s sprays and embossing powders and one of the funniest books I’ve ever read “The Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy”. I also did some experimenting, trying as hard as I can to surprise you with a  new technique to give you a hint on how to use Lindy’s products. This art journal page is about Galaxy and circles and a lot of mathematical formulas, so let’s start!

I have prepared two of Lindy’s sprays: Delphinium Turquoise and French Lilac Violet and a die cut of a large circle. I placed my circle slightly off the middle of the page and started spraying:) I wanted to get an even circular spray pattern so I placed the nozzle of spray bottle right in the middle of the circle, about 10cm from the page and sprayed 3 to 4 times.

I had to weigh down the circle in the middle, so I used small Magical jar to do so, and then I have repeated the process with another spray French Lilac Violet. This one though, was sprayed from higher distance, around 15 cm from the page and that’s how I created a wider spray pattern.  At the end I will add another color to the circle but just imagine the possibilities of all this rainbow colors sprayed together! Just look at the effect I achieved with only two colors after removal of the die cut circle!

I also added some different sized black splatters with Lindy’s Flat Fabio spray Blazing Black (to do so I had to place the circle on the paper again to cover). Then onto biggest splatter, I added some smaller one, embossed in white with Lindy’s EP- Purely White.

The next step was to add some drawing, I don’t have too many stamps which would suit the best this page, so I drew what I could, the straight lines, half circle, some numbers and arrows and then I finished the rest by adding some stamping.

And since I wanted more colors, I repeated the same circle spraying technique with another spray Yellow Rose of Texas. In places where yellow splatter touched the blue ones, I got some green color as well.

Then I filled up the empty part of circle with blue and violet sprays just using brush and water and added some more white embossed stamping.

I’ve also printed the quote from the book I mentioned above and I so love it! I think it matches really well the page and I hope you’ll like it as well!

Here are the photos of my finished page:


Lindy’s Products

Other products

Archival Ink, WOW! embossing pad, Carabelle Studio stamp: Texture Mini Damier, Viva Las Vegas Stamps, Joy Stamp- Wild African, Artemio stamp- Air Mail and Docraft stamp.


Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you’ll create some gallaxy or rainbowy projects with Lindy’s products and when you do so, don’t forget to tag us!

Till the next time!



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