Magic Canvas with Kasia Bogatko

Hello, friends!

Today I have for you a “magic” Lindy’s canvas with a little bit of rust. The main part of my project is the background and its rich structure. I used many colors of sprays and magical shakers to get this effect. Only at the end, I added some rust pastes to add some contrast and WOW doesn’t it look amazing!

This is one of my favorite parts, where you can see the amazing rust effects against that stunning blue-green background.

Basic Process

  1. Glue chipboard letters onto canvas.
  2. Cover the canvas with white gesso and let dry.
  3. Spray Lindy’s starburst over canvas and spread with a paintbrush, dry with a heat tool.
  4. Add Lindy’s Magicals to the canvas and spray with a similar color of Lindy’s spray – this makes the color more intense.
  5. Add Magical Shaker Frozen Jack Frost and spray with Frozen Jack Frost spray to add some white.
  6. Glue on embellishments and dragonfly tag.
  7. Add rust paste to embellishments and dry brush on some white gesso over embellishments and canvas background to highlight the textures.
  8. Finish with metallic wax and splatters of white acrylic paint.

Please watch my video tutorial and I hope you’ll feel inspired!


Because the background is colorful and rich, I did not want to add too many elements. I bet on black, which added a beautiful contrast and perfectly exposed the chipboard dragonfly.

The rust paste added to the whole project gave it a vintage character and merged everything together.

Lindy’s Products:

I hope you’ll feel inspired by this,


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