A Little Psychology with Lindy’s Sprays

Hi lovely Lindy’s gang!  Sivan here with you today and I would like to share with you my new notebooks colored and made beautiful with the amazing Lindy’s sprays and embossing powders.  And it was so easy!

A long time ago I studied psychology at college and remembered one of the classes about the Rorschach inkblot test. This is a test that presents cards with symmetrical ink patterns and the psychologist asks you to say “what it looks like to you”.

So I decided to give up psychology this time and create covers on the same principle – using symmetrical ink blots.

Basic Process

  1. I took pieces of white cardstock, folded them in the middle
  2. Add Lindy’s sprays, (you can add one spray at a time and dry between colors or add two at once to get interesting blends of colors)
  3. Then simply press the sides together like closing a book.

Each time you open the page, you get another interesting result.

It is so simple to create a unique background. There is no chance that any background will be identical to another, and that is all the beauty in my eyes. And most importantly, it’s so much fun! You must try!!

I made 2 notebooks in this technique. Each with only two sprays of Lindy’s. After I finished preparing the background, I added stamps, Lindy’s Embossing powders and the rest of the composition.

You can see all the process here:




Hope you liked it and have a good mood to enjoy with Lindy’s products:) xoxo


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